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Thursday, December 02, 2004

A few days ago, the merry band of the usual commenters/commentors didn't comment due in part to the vagaries of servers and Internet. I am not complaining about those that do not want to comment. That is their prerogative. Most of the time my posts are not worth commenting on anyway. I am talking about those who wanted to comment but could not. The comment link is sembelit or the box takes forever to open. I have signed up for Haloscan even though sometimes the same problem occurs. I was unsuccessful when trying to install it.

One suggestion:

When you cannot comment on the page, email me your comments. My email addy is on the page. I will then paste them in the right place the next time Blogspot behaves.

Why bother? Well, I love your comments. All bloggers do unless they turned off the comment link. Comments are our interaction, our intercourse. Comments are exchanges of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes part of your comments can be the seeds of the subsequent posts although I seem to be rambling in no particular directions. I shall try to respond to your comments by the end of the day, say by 5pm. Later comments will be answered between 11pm to 12 midnight. I try to post the next day's entry just after midnight (or afterwards whenever Blogger lets me.)

To all the bloggers that honour an old man (who is sometimes unconscious) by leaving your comments I thank you, deeply. I try my best to visit your blog and give my two-cent's worth. That made me feels closer to you. To the commenters/commentors who have yet to start blogging, I am equally honoured and I thank you just as equally. Do leave your name/nick if you comment under Anonymous. Otherwise there will be more than one Anonymous.

In the words of a Terengganu perantau far way in Marshta, Sweden who commented in Terengganu Phrases

"Tengkiu very mah. Jua kayu boleh samah"

I shall deal with samah, tige amah in the next post InsyaAllah.

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156 CommentsOldStyle:
  • Pok Ku: Yahoooo! I finally get to this box! Sometimes the constipation gets too long & I simply gave up. When that happens, I can't even log on to my emails!

    ps:I thot once you install Haloscan, all your existing comments will be vanished.

    By Blogger Jane Johan, at 1:09 AM  
  • Blogger has been acting up lately. Buat pe'el pulok. Comments or no comments, this has become my morning read for the past few months!

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 8:15 AM  
  • Dear Pok Ku,
    I am self confessed comment-box addict...not so much for my own blog, but I love to see how people responds to issues brought up by their fellow bloggers..
    *thanks for dropping by mine now and then, I consider that a biggggg honour*

    By Blogger tynn, at 9:18 AM  
  • Hello Pok Ku! I don't know about the problems you've been having with the comments box, having been absent from the 'scene' for a while... but my 2-sen worth is that the comments box is the link that makes blogging special compared to simply writing a diary. It lets you get closer to the world out there while still maintaining a certain amount of personal space/anonymity. No?

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 9:25 AM  
  • Saya pun nak berterima kasih sebab sudi memberi komen di blog saya yang tak seberapa.


    errr...kalau nak eratkan silaturrahim, buat lah nasi dagang, laksa etc dan jemput kami semua datang makan beramai-ramai. :)

    sekian terima kasih


    By Blogger Aku Tak Reti, at 10:08 AM  
  • Pok Ku...bila nak buat open house..hehehe...
    Thanks for dropping by my blog as well..appreciate it :D

    By Blogger shay, at 10:24 AM  
  • Gua setuju dengan saudara Akutakretickpomputeh... ;)

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 11:05 AM  
  • Pagi takdi internet line down..haru kejap coz tokleh nak baca blog POK KU. Ni baru ok terus je gi blog ni

    By Blogger napaloh, at 11:13 AM  
  • Dear Pokku,

    And thank you very mah for the fine, fine blog! :)


    ps: I was told Taiping girls are prettier than Ipoh mali lenglois hehe.Then again, the girl who told me that *was* from Taiping as well *grins*

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 AM  
  • Modblog does that too but not with teh comment box. More off accessing it!! With that I'd like to reciprocate you and say thanks for frequenting my blog and leave your mark too! Yeah!

    By Blogger Lollies, at 11:33 AM  
  • Modblog does that too but not with teh comment box. More off accessing it!! With that I'd like to reciprocate you and say thanks for frequenting my blog and leave your mark too! Yeah!

    However this is the second time I am writing this comment.

    By Blogger Lollies, at 11:34 AM  
  • Hmm.. blogger DID have some kind of problem, I think. My posts were gone for like 12 hours! Hilang terus!

    Thankfully now they're all OK, though loading a page in Blogger is VERY VERY slow.

    Reading comments from readers does make my day :) Dunno about you, but it makes me want to keep on blogging!

    By Blogger Yam, at 11:39 AM  
  • Talking about posting comment, I had the same problem too...

    By Blogger zaireen, at 11:59 AM  
  • I find Mat Jan's view on commentors quite interesting.
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    source: http://jj.kroni.biz/2004/11/bercakap-dengan-jan.html
    -- md

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:19 PM  
  • Pok Bustamann',

    I adore your writings-old school with with a new flavour!


    By Blogger hyphenated L, at 1:49 PM  
  • dear pak ku,

    if being one heck of a hip blogger who has singlehandedly made terengganu dialect the coolest thing on the msian bloggers circuit is being "unconscious," then i say mujo for us (your fans) you lose your consciousness. ;D

    i, for one, hope you will not come to in a long time!

    mek yam

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM  
  • dear pok ku, is there a possibility that you could blog on direct translation like the one you normally use -unconscious old man. Cheers

    By Blogger atiza, at 2:39 PM  
  • dear pok ku.. thank you for visiting my blog. really appreciate your comments. -hhas-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:00 PM  
  • Tengkiu very mah, ikang puyu pak samah
    Hau du yu du, ayang duk matuk, itik duk sudu

    By Blogger teganusapatulangkering, at 3:08 PM  
  • Thank you pok ku for dropping words at myroutine.

    Should thank to my boss as he was the one who lead me to ur blog. Now I am addicted to some blogs (linked from your page), like buaya69 and screenshots, and of course yours too. No doubt that I'll be your follower...

    By Blogger sgarul, at 3:19 PM  
  • Tanda-tanda ketagih jengok bawah rang ikang kering (macang-macang ada):
    1. Simpang halamang masok dalang "Favorites".
    2. Sari dok jengok dok puah.
    3. Dok jengok puahsang.
    4. Senyung atau pong suka sorang bila baca.

    Wasallang. UZ.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:57 PM  
  • Pok Ku,
    Ambo emailed ko Pok Ku duo tigo aghi lepah, takdok balah pong. Teghimo dok?

    By Blogger Atok, at 5:03 PM  
  • Honeytar: You can keep the old comments by selecting "show" from the settings. But I couldnt install Haloscan.
    lion3ss: Sungguhti. You are one of the early regulars.
    tynn: You are most welcome.
    Daisyboo: Welcome back to blogging, girl!
    Aku Tak Reti: Sabo, sabo!Looking for a good nasi dagang place.
    Shay: (see above)
    Buaya69: Coming soon!
    napaloh: Kena queue macang feri Bukit Datu ke?
    Leen: Semua tempat ada yang cantik cantik kan? Kan?
    LottieS: Yes, thats why my comment was posted late.
    Yam: Right, I went to your blog and got a blank page.
    zaireen: Sekarang ok dah, kan?
    md: LOL! Macam tu ye? Mujo tak payah mandi wajib ya?
    hypenated L: Thank you and welcome to the gang.
    Mek Yam: Awww..you are too kind , as always.
    hhas: You are welcome.
    teganungsapatulangkering: LOL! Havent heard that for a long time. Thanks.
    ijam: Thank you, when I can get hold of Megat Digital Alliance, I can get enough background to write about how we got amboi.net going.
    UZ: LOL! Kembang idong Pok Ku jadi kohor beso macang idong arwoh Ahmad Nispu.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 5:11 PM  
  • Pok Ku,
    I think, the `sembelit' is due to the heavy traffic visiting your blog. You have created a cult and reders got addicted to your blog. ;)

    By Blogger Jiwa Rasa, at 5:16 PM  
  • AtoK: Tadok email pong! I replied to your last email re your dad and mom.

    Jiwarasa: Semua blogspot pages sembelit. Blog Pok Ku tak seramai pelanggan cappati Taman Maju Rapat!

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 5:20 PM  
  • Atiza : Terlepas pandang atiza punya comment. Sorry. Good suggestion. I have mentioned some. Kohor kohor.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 5:23 PM  
  • Kepentingan comments kepada seseorang blogger - I truly agree with you, Pok Ku! :)

    By Blogger hana_kirana, at 5:59 PM  
  • Hana Kirana: Like Yam said, comments keep you blogging.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 6:04 PM  
  • so, it is a known issue? i thought its something wrong with my connexion.
    it takes too long to load the comment box sometimes, that i give up..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 PM  
  • riza: Yes. Happened to blogger and Modblog.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 11:14 PM  
  • Pok Ku,I had that problem once when I tried to install haloscan at my blogger. I tried many times. Then I realised even though it said there it's automatic for blogger, there are 2 parts of the installation. I'd overlooked the second part where you have to do yourself. Good luck.

    Perhaps you can retry. I love haloscan because it opens on a different window.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 10:52 AM  
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