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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I was inspired to write this by my daughter's post (Wow, 28 Sept) in her blog as well as Daisyboo's (What Dreams May Come) . Both wrote about wanting to do something that they really wanted to do. Elisa hinted at it while Daisyboo listed her choices over the years.

Elisa and Daisyboo, this post, hackneyed and stale as it may be, is for you.

Be whatever you want to be. You can. (Terengganu people, say "You keng"). There are enough stories written and told for you to believe this. Ignore the skeptics and the septic. You really can. InsyaAllah, next year, I will prove it to you. Old as I am, I have dreams too and the dreams are taking shape. It will be easier for younger people like you. All you need is A.S.K.

No, it is not Amanah Saham Kemamang but Attitude, Skill, Knowledge.

You have to posses all 3. You cannot afford to miss any of them, especially Attitude.

Attitude is the power and the key. It is how you see and face challenges. It is how you see yourself and your consequent behaviour. You don't get the proper attitude at any schools or universities. You have to believe in yourself and your dreams before you can make anyone else believe them. I can't teach you your attitude. I doubt if anybody can. Not much anyway. The most I can say is do something that you are capable of. Something that you will be good at. This will be good for something that you want to do in the near future unless you want to be a rocket scientist and can spare the time learning to be one, which, of course, you can do too, if so inclined. Thus, being realistic is a good attitude to have. Dreaming the impossible dream is good sometimes but the dream might take a while to be realized.

Skill is just knowledge practiced over and over. Writing, cooking, kissing or whatever that needs to be done skillfully takes a lot of practice. So, whatever skill you need in your endeavour, hone it constantly. Sharpen it until you can do it with your eyes closed or with your hands tied behind your back, if necessary.

Knowledge is the easiest part. You can learn it if you haven't done so already. It is easier to acquire knowledge now than ever. The Internet is one vast library and there are no shortages of gurus in any subject you desire.

So if you think you are capable of doing what ever you want to do and have the skills and the knowledge to do it well, go for it girl. InsyaAllah, success is yours.

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  • Pok Ku... thank you. That was very sweet and I appreciate it very much. And yes... I shall struggle along to get where I want to get. Eventually. And if it doesn't change in the mean time! :P

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 7:02 AM  
  • I was in school and Saturdays were off. My friends and I planned on going for a swim. There were 6 of us including my brother and his friend. We planned to pick up one of my friend named Sheroz on the way, as his house was very close to the swimming pool. Two of my friends were waiting at the gates of Sheroz's house. I and one of my friends named Praveen walked inside to call him out. But unfortunately Sheroz had a headache and he was just back after a swim. But I forced Sheroz to go with us. He was pretty close to me and finally agreed to go with us.
    We were enjoying ourselves in the pool and Sheroz's headache worsened. He wanted to go home so he bid us all good-bye and left. We all got tired finally and decided to leave the pool. As we were wearing our clothes back on Praveen told me that Sheroz has forgotten to take his underwear and it was lying near the chair where we put our clothes. I decided to take Sheroz’s underwear and hand it over to him as his house was close and on the way back home for us. So I put his undies in a polythene carry bag (ugh it was wet and sloshy).
    Praveen and I went inside the gates and the others were waiting outside.
    I rang the bell and Sheroz’s mom opened the door. I told her I wanted to see Sheroz. She asked me why and I was too embarrassed to tell her why. She told me he was sick and lying down. I said it was urgent and it wont take me more than 2 minutes. So she went in and gave the message that I was at the door. I could hear Sheroz groan. He did sound really sick. He got out of the bed and was wobbling towards me. Just then Praveen told me “Hey Santosh, Sorry I think this is my underwear. I bought it only this morning and failed to recognize it.” I said something blasphemous to Praveen and apologized to Sheroz and asked him to go back to bed. That was an unforgettable event for me lol.

    By Blogger jackass, at 12:57 PM  
  • You're so right Mann, A.S.K. is all ya need. Live and learn. -Jackie-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:02 PM  
  • When I teach project management to engineers, I asked them: "Are you competent?". Most will say yes, but when I explain the meaning of competent which demands that a person must have the right knowledge,skill and attitude;not many will dare to put up their hands.It is the same as Pak Ku's A.S.K.

    Most schools,colleges and universities promised you knowledge( a few are doubtful), but skills and attitudes must be acquired outside the classrooms/lecture halls.

    By Blogger Mohd Adib Noh, at 5:20 PM  
  • As they used to say: "Your attitude determines your altitude."

    By Blogger Kri, at 4:16 AM  
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