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Monday, March 06, 2006
It rained heavily in Kuala Lumpur last night. After picking up Mimi at ACTS Studio we decided to try the newest restaurant at the end of Plaza Damansara. It has a basement carpark (1 ringgit per entry). There were two slots at the carpark outside but theywere reserved for handicapped people. This did not stop a family from parking there. I guessed theye were handicapped in someway or the other.
Chef & Brew has a very spacious dining area. We loved the ambience despite the half-flooded floor. The hailam mee was perfect and not soggy or flooded by gravy. The sizzling fish steak that I had was nice. They tied a bib on me. Mimi was a bit disappointed that she didn't get her Earl Grey tea. They brought Lipton instead. I was disappointed because I could not get any of the coffee on the menu. I guessed they have teething troubles. Anyway, prices were reasonable. Dinner for 3 came up to just under RM50. We didn't stay long to complain because I thought The Academy Awards was on. It wasn't. I got confused by the International Dateline. I caught it this morning. It is is still on when I am writing this.
The Countdown started at 7.30 am with interviews on the read carpet outside Kodak Theatre. They had 4 stand uppers. None, in my opinion, was outstanding. The Awards proper started at 9.00 am Malaysian Time. I liked the opening montage and the short skits featuring people who declined to be this year's host. The job went to Jon Stewart who tried his best. Somehow I preferred Billy Crystal.
The live broadcast was spoilt in the first hour on the Malaysian side (Star Movies - Astro Channel 42) when commercials and promos had the wrong audio. Monday Blues probably. I shall not spoil your enjoyment of the show that you can watch tonight by not telling you who won. I was a bit shocked to know that "Its Hot Out Here For a Pimp" (from Hustle & Flow) was featured. Pimps are legitimate now? Maybe Jon Stewart was right when he mentioned on the show that "Pimps are like agents. Only they have better hats." The Best Picture was a picture that I liked even before I knew it was up for nomination.
If you like movies, watch the show tonight.