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Friday, March 03, 2006
You can rave and rant until you foam at the mouth but there is nothing you can do about the price hike of petrol and diesel. So, you must learn how to maximise your tank of fuel. You must drive more efficiently. If you do not know how, here are some tips:
1. Drive Sensibly - The late Ahmad Daud (Ogy's dad) used to say "Steadylah beb!" Driving steadily without speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can lower fuel consumption by 33% on the highway and 5% in town. Of course sensible driving will reduce accidents and you save money on compensating for dented fenders and broken tail lights.
2. Keep To The Speed Limit- Your car wil consume more fuel at speeds exceeding 60 mph/96.56 kmh. Speeding tickets are also expensive. Use the money to fill up instead.
3. Get Rid of Extra Weight -No, I don't mean dumping your mother-in-law at the next R & R although it will make your car lighter since your wife will leave too. Anything heavy in the car that is unnecessary should be left behind. The boat on the roof, bags of rice that you meant to give to the mosque but havent got around to doing yet, you know what I mean. An extra 100 pounds (45.36 kg) will reduce the mileage by 2%. Smaller cars will be affected more.
4.Do not Idle- Some people start their car and let the engine idle for a while to warm the engine. Some press the pedal because they love to hear the vroom-vroom of the engine and/or irritate the neighbours. Idling the engine wil get you 0 miles/kilometers to the gallon/litre. Get the car moving. Warm the engine while you are on your way. Idle minds and idle hands are dangerous. Idle engines waste fuel.
5. Switch Off Your Engine - Unless you are driving a getaway car you should switch off the engine when you stop the car for a considerable amount of time.
6.Keep The Car Tip Top - A well maintained car will maximise fuel usage. Replace air-filters regularly. Use recommended engine oil. A wrong grade of engine oil affects fuel consumption.
7. Make Sure Tyres Have Enough Air - Underinflated tyres not only will shorten their life but will increase fuel consumption. Take the time to check your tyre pressure. Do not forget the spare tyre (the car's, not yours).
8. Use The Proper Gear - Most manual cars have 5 speed gears. Use the higher gear as much as you can without straining (some say "knocking") the car. A car travelling at 37 mph in 3rd gear uses 25 % more fuel than at the same speed in 5th gear.
9. Plan Your Trips -Plan whatever you want to do with your car so you can maximise fuel consumption. Without a plan, you might end up going to the same place more than once or drive haphazardly. Friends and relatives from Terengganu not familiar with KL roads must be sure where to turn. Sometimes U -turns in KL are few and far between.. Going round and round MRR2 will not be fuel efficient. If you are married, train your spouse to make up his/her mind or get a bicycle.

You are welcomed to add and share your own tips.