Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Wednesday, February 22, 2006
I didn't have the heart to disappoint my daughter and my son so here goes:

Four Jobs I've Had
Temporary Teacher at Grammar School Kuala Trengganu
Teacher and Senior Assistant at Kuala Brang
Announcer, Producer, Manager at RTM
Part-time business-owner, Part-time lecturer and Part-Time husband

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
This is a tough one because I like most movies (even Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam) so I will list some memorable ones:
Crash ( Paul Haggis directorial debut)
An Unfinished Life (Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, J.Lo)
12 Angry Men
Pedro Alomovar's Matador (Pierce Brosnan's The Matador is good too though)

Four Places I Have Lived
Teacher's Quarters at Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Intan, Kuala Berang, Terengganu
Kuantan (Medan Tok Sira & Tanah Putih)
Orange Grove Rd. Singapore

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Travel & Living Globe Trekker
National Geographic Channel (Whatever is on at the moment)
David Letterman
Tech TV (alas, gone)

Four Places I have Been on Vacation (and would like to return to)
South of France (ok, I went there for work but would like to return for vacations)
Merang & surroundings

Four of My Favourite Dishes
Nasi Dagang & Nasi Kerabu
My Spaghetti Bolognaise
Capati and Sardines
Lunch at Berjaya Bangsar (asam pedas & dendeng)

Four Websites I Visit Daily
The Blogs of family and friends
Piratebay.org (for the latest torrents)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
In Terengganu with my family; doing Terengganu things, speaking Terengganu and eating Terengganu things.
In the middle of South China Sea, fishing
Mekah & Medinah (need to renew my haji membership)
The resort in Karambunai - just to see if they have learnt to replace used towels.