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Friday, January 27, 2006
In Terengganuspeak, when you mock or make fun of someone or something in a negative way, it is called menganjing or ngangjing. Somebody tell me about this mocking dog because dogs are not known to mock. This is something that cats do.
Dogs have been a part of people's life - some physically, some just in words. Dogs pull sleds, guide blind people, herd sheep and watch properties.
Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend but when a man's date is less than pretty, she is called a dog. I don't know why. The question has dogged me for a long time There are other words that are not flattering to man's best friend. Things that became so broken down are dismissed as "gone to the dogs". "Running dogs" has a negative political connotation, depending on which side you are running.
Even sex features dog. Ok, doggie, if you want to nit-pick. I wonder if dogs ever do it human-style. If you are in trouble with your wife and probably don't get any sex at all, they say you are in the dog house. Even though every dog has his day, your day will be wasted because you are always dog-tired.
To be fair there are famous dogs. We learnt about the anjing and bayang-bayang in primary school. The story taught us not to be greedy. When we grow up, we read about top dogs getting rich because they are greedy. They became rich and famous.
If someone comes up to you and says that you remind him/her of a film star, please don't ask "Who?" The answer might be "Lassie".
Before I start writing canine doggerels, I would like to wish all my Chinese friends a happy and prosperous Year of The Dog.