Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
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Friday, February 03, 2006
There is too much hurry in the world today. Even though we still have 24 hours in a day, we huffed and puffed chasing time because, as said often "There are things to do and places to visit.." So, we have a lot "instant" things like Instant Noodles, Instant Coffee, Instant Photos and many other instant things that I am sure you have encountered. This instant things gave rise to the need for instant gratification as well as making us impatient.
My mom scrimped and saved if she wanted something major for the house. Now we do not have to. Walk into a superstore with the right documents and you can walk out with a set of furniture, a big fridge or whatever is on offer. Even buying a car does not entail a sizeable deposit (if at all) nowadays.
I suppose I cannot really blame people for acquiring worldy goods. What I regret is, all these instant gratifications, aided and abetted by merchants of all sorts make us lose our control. They make us surrender to our impulsiveness too easily. They make us not to stop and think what we are doing and what the consequences are. It is like an itch. Everyone has itches, literally or otherwise. Like an itch, it has to be scratched. The problem is, you cannot just scratch impulsively. For example, if your backside itches on the LRT or in some other more illustrious company, you have to be patient. You have to bear and wait until you are alone. Scratching your backside in public, however permissive, is definitely a no-no. Scratching someone else's backside will get you into more trouble.
Not wanting to sound like a khutbah (sermon), even though it is Friday, I shall cut my post short. Derumo, sooner or later, will pick up where I left off. I shall end with a story which may or may not be relevant. You decide.
A gentleman noticed that the waiter who brought his soup got his thumb inside the bowl and the following conversation ensued:
Man : Why did you put your thumb inside my soup? Don't you learn anything at the waiters school?
Waiter: Oh, I have athritis sir. I wanted to keep my thumb warm.
Man (angry now): Oh? Why don't you stick your thumb up your ass then?
Waiter: I did that just now in the kitchen.