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Friday, February 24, 2006
An item in TV1s Warta Negeri yesterday about people not taking good care of toilets prompted me to volunteer this primer. I wish some kind of primer were published long long ago. Then maybe we would not have problems of horror toilets in the country. You are most welcomed to add to the text.

See the picture above. See the oval thing on the left. It is called a toilet bowl. Sit on the toilet. For gentlemen using the bowl as a urinal (next pic), lift the lid and the seat first. The Management aims to please so you aim too, please. Otherwise, sit, sit, sit. Ladies, please remain seated throughout the entire performance. Put your feet on the floor not on the bowl. If you insist on squatting, use the squatting toilet which many people feel should be phased out or eliminated completely. Leave nothing after use, except your sense of relief. Flush, flush. Wipe, wipe.
See the bidet on the right. We do not see bidets in our public toilets yet. Maybe we can see them in the 9th Malaysia Plan. Hope, hope, hope. Bidets will help to keep our toilet floor dry. Bidets are French inventions to wash backsides and front sides. Waggle your tongue for the French. Remember not to splash when using the bidet. It is not a jacuzzi nor a swimming pool.

These are urinals. They are designed mostly for men. Men should go closer to the urinal. It is usually shorter than you think. Muslim men should choose a urinal as close to the wash basin as possible. Non-Muslim men should shake excess urine inside the urinal. Wringing it is not necessary. See the cigarette butts in the urinals. Bad bad people. Ever see them pee in an ash tray? These people should see the dustbin in the last picture.

See this wash basin or a sink. It is for you to wash your hands or your face. Do not pee inside the sink. Do not climb up to wash your backside. This is not a bidet. Neither it is a dustbin so do not throw remains of nasi lemak, wantan mee or other food inside.

See the nice dustbin. It is for you to throw rubbish inside instead of into the toilet bowl, bidet, urinal or the sink. Use it well as you use the toilet well and you will not see our national pride and dignity inside the rubbish bin.