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Saturday, September 04, 2004
It is indeed heartening for a blogger to have his blog mentioned in another blog. To be mentioned in blogs of your daughters is one thing but to be mentioned in a blog written (in my opinion) by the Master blogger is something else. It is like your Drama Minggu Ini (or whatever they call those soppy TV dramas nowadays) being watched and mentioned by Spielberg. My blog is not even Drama Minggu Ini. It is mostly home movies. It got mentioned in 2 postings in Jalan-Jalan, a blog of the first water written by beta-blogger.

It started after I posted the Extinct Terengganu Food in my old blog. A young Kelantanese living abroad, Sangkelate read the post and asked me in his comments about beluda, a Terengganu muffin-like cake that he read about in Jalan-Jalan. I answered him and went to have a look at the link.

To use modern parlance, it was like "Wow"

Such substance, such style, such craftsmanship and such a wide range of subjects. Thank you Wan for giving me the link.

At first I felt like what any average Malaysian male would be feeling when they watch porno stars in action. They feel like limping away feeling small.

I read on and then it struck me. I know this writer. I haven't met him personally yet but years ago, one of his teachers told me about him. The writer is a pro. And a very good one. I felt much better. I don't compare myself to pros. Heck; I don't compare myself to anyone. I won't be too happy if I do. Never compare your Kancil to the Merc SEL. You will only frustrate yourself. Just drive on.

But I sure wish I can write like him. Right now I will settle for being just good enough to make my blogging kids a wee bit jealous. On my good days at least.

Beta-Blogger and I exchanged emails these past few days. I hope this habit will continue. Maybe one day I will ask him when is he coming back to Terengganu (ok, for you, Trengganu). I don't think I can live for long in England. I managed to embarass myself by just being a few days in London. I spied a couple of Indians selling Pierre Cardin boots along Edgeware Road and forgetting where I was, started to bargain in Malay. The gentlemen of course politely ignored me as they would any crazy babbling tourist.
Pierre Cardin stuffs, like very well written blogs tend to do that to me.

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  • Well, I wish I could write like you, sir! Got your link from Hazel, who mentioned your daughter's name, Tengku Eliza, in one of her blog entries. I have met you once, at your house, together with Haji Zainal Arshad. I was then working on "Airport" with Haji Z Arshad when he took me on a courtesy call at your place. Lost contact with him now, I'm afraid.

    By Blogger Kri, at 12:30 AM  
  • Thanks Kri. I used to write for "Airport" too at the insistence of the late Zainal Awalauddin and his brother Zainal Alamin. We tried to revive the magazine after it was dumped by the original publisher but sadly, we couldn't get any investors interested.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 2:00 PM  
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