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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A few days ago the piano tuner came to tune Mimi's piano. Unlike previous tuners, Mr. Lau Jr. came with a gadget (the black box on the keys) to help him get the correct pitch. This does not mean that anyone can be a piano tuner. A piano tuner must have good ears and most tuners can play the piano well.

Somehow, whimsically, pianos remind me of nations. There are Grand pianos and there are great big grand nations. There are smaller uprights and there are smaller nations trying very hard to be upright. Whatever they are, pianos are useless if the keys are out of tune. The black and white keys on the piano must give the right note to, together, produce music. So, what music are we listening in our country now? Don't you think it is something discordant or as my late father used to comment on my guitar playing "Sumbang!" (Out of tune).

This is not to say that everybody must have the same opinion. In music, they do have counterpoints and in jazz, you are allowed to improvise or ad-lib as long as you keep the song intact. You keep to the rhythm and the chords. You read the comments in the popular blogs or overhear remarks in coffee shops and what do you have? Suara-suara sumbang. Like good music, we need harmony.

Maybe it is because we have "piano tuners" with tin-ears. Maybe we ourselves have tin-ears and do not appreciate music.

I would have written more but I got distracted by "Duelling Banjos". As my grandson, Ilham said once "Sorry, I got off my train of thoughts".

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