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Sunday, February 24, 2008
As part of my ongoing tutelage in taking pictures,TV Smith picked me up early this morning to photograph the nomination scene in Bangsar. Later he drove me to Sri Petaling to photograph the other two lady candidates.
I ran out of battery so this is what I could get:

Earlier, I ran out of steam in Bangsar and could not made the detour to the PKR entourage. TV Smith made it though. He told me PKR served breakfast too. See his pics here.
Any bloggers posting pictures of Nomination Day in other constituencies? Talking about constituencies, the reader of the 1 o'clock news on TV1 today pronounced Haji Hadi's kawasan as Rhu Rendang with the Rendang as in rendang daging. Same mistake made with Pulau Redang. Are there no more Terengganu people in RTM?

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