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Saturday, December 18, 2004

(In his comments to my previous post, Kervin wanted to know more about air zam zam. I will try my best to enlighten him)

The zam zam water is unique. Some years ago, there was a seminar on water at Istana Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur and a Japanese expert was invited as one of the guest speakers. He showed slides of the molecules of water samples including mineral water collected from many places. Most molecules shown were ugly looking. Some molecules looked like the devil but the last slide shown was beautiful. It came from the purest water. The speaker challenged the participants to identify the sample. Nobody could- except one of the only two Muslim participants. He correctly identified the sample as zam zam water. Read more here.

Malaysian attempted to analyse zam zam water but his equipment burnt a fuse. He published his experience on the web.

Air zam zam tastes and smells unique. During my hajj, I bought a plastic can (20 liter, I think) of air zam zam to take home even though millions of bottles are given free every hajj season. It is also available free at the Grand Mosque and the Masjid Nabawi in Madinah. My friend Pak Masduki bought a bigger can (50 liter). He got tired of lugging the can while going to the bus stop. He spied a row of smaller cans at an open air "trading post" and decided to exchange his big can for a smaller one. The zam zam trader was nowhere to be seen and Pak Masduki got tired of waiting. He slid his heavy can into the row of similar size cans and took a smaller can from another row. At that instant, the trader came out of nowhere and shouted at Pak Masduki. He must have thought that Pak Masduki was shoplifting. After a short explanation mostly done in sign language and a bit of English, the man uncapped Pak Masduki's bigger can, sniffed the water, confirmed that it WAS air zam zam, gave a grudging smile and nodded his head, in agreement to the exchange.

The Well of Zam Zam in the Grand Mosque (Masjidul Haram) never dries up even in severe droughts. Year after year the water was and is still drawn by pilgrims who came for hajj or umrah. The water still flows, inexhaustible. The spring was buried deep by the sand once a long time ago and as a result Makkah lost a lot of the caravan traffic. It was rediscovered by the head of Bani Hashim during Abdul Mutallib's time. Abdul Mutallib was the Prophet's grandfather. The discovery helped Makkah to prosper.

The origin of the well or the spring before had a few versions. It began in the time of Prophet Abraham. His wife, Siti Sarah was barren and suggested that Abraham marry Siti Hajar (Hagar), their servant on condition that Abraham would never hurt the first wife. Siti Hajar bore a son, Nabi Ismail (Ishmael) while Siti Sarah miraculously got pregnant and gave birth to Ishak (Isaac). Somehow Siti Sarah got hurt. She felt that Abraham favoured Ismail over Ishak. She drove Siti Hajar and young Ismail out of the house. Abraham took them near where the Kaabah presently is. He left them with some water and implored Allah to take care of them.

Soon the water ran out and Siti Hajar ran back and forth between the knolls of Safar and Marwah looking for water or someone who had water. She couldn't find any. Young Ismail, temporarily abandoned, soon cried for his mother and stamped his feet. A spring sprang. Siti Hajar returned in time to see water trickling out and excitedly coaxed out "Zam! Zam!" meaning "Gather! Gather!"

Some version said the Angel Jibril (Gabriel) broke the ground with his wing.

Is air zam zam miraculous like the water of Lourdes?

The Prophet said:

"The best water on the face of the earth is the water of Zam zam; it is a kind of food and a healing from sickness."

"The water of Zam zam is for whatever it is drunk for."

Read about two people who experienced the curative effect of air zam zam in this Indonesian webpage.

The next time a friend comes back from the Holy Land, go visit him/her. Chances are you will be given some kurma (dates) to eat and air zam zam to drink. Face the kiblat, recite the doa', make your wishes and drink in 3 breaths. May your wishes come true. I'll drink to that.

Have a safe and happy weekend folks!

Etiquettes of Drinking Zam zam Water

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  • masya Allah

    - r1z4

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:21 AM  
  • subhanallah..gosh hearing to all your 'mecca-trip' stories, im dying to go there and experience all those stuffs me-self..

    By Blogger najwa ab patah, at 10:36 AM  
  • Pak Ku,
    This is my personal story of zam zam water when I did my Haj two years ago. I suffered from athritis so I drank air zam zam every day and du'a so that I can walk without feeling the pains during my Haj.It worked fine for me during my stay in Makkah and Madinah. Two weeks after I got home, my pains came back. It took another year after some medications before my pains went away.


    By Blogger Berisman, at 11:17 AM  
  • Pak Adib, You might want to try using the RX-Water Filter then. Dr Nordin Darus suffered from leukemia and found that zam-zam water helped cure him. So he did research on zam-zam water and discovered that it emitted a unique energy pattern (aura). He then developed a water filter equipped with an aura converter to emulate the zam-zam water.
    I have a friend who sells the filter. Send me an email if u're interested to see a demo with no obligation to buy.

    By Blogger elisataufik, at 1:34 PM  
  • riza:
    Tanda-tanda keAgongan Allah.
    UnsyaAllah, you will, one day.
    That's somrhing I have never heard before.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 4:55 PM  
  • Both pregnancies, I made sure that I have abundance of air zam zam in the house so that after giving birth, I can give my baby some to be one of their first drinks. At Kohilal where I gave birth to Balqis, they had actually mix it with Honey and gave it to the baby as one of their feeds.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:26 PM  
  • The Anonymous at 5.26pm does not want to be known as Anonymous. She accidentally click Anonymous and not Hazel due to excessive amount of gingerbread cookies consumption.

    By Blogger Hazel, at 5:30 PM  
  • I heard this before from a friend and searched for more informations about it. Thanks Pok Ku for providing those Links.....

    Saya tak jumpa banyak sangat info pasal lempuk lagi. Maybe coz i was a bit busy yesterday. Insyallah hari boleh kot. Lepas tengok CSI:New York dengan Bola...yak yak yak...

    By Blogger Sham, at 5:47 PM  
  • Hmm, saya pun pernah terbaca kisah air zam-zam di Hotel Istana tu. Air zam zam memang air yang terbaik di dunia. Segala jenis khasiat (minerals) ada di dalam air ini. Then, no wonder pokok buluh saya menghasilkan daun baru (di dalam air zam zam). Sedangkan sebelum ni (di dalam air paip) tak de petanda pun nak keluar daun. If i was not mistaken, air zam zam sunat diminum berdiri. (Betulkan saya jika silap). Ini keistimewaannya berbanding dengan air yang lain yang sunat diminum duduk. Kenapa? Tanyalah kepada yang pakar.... hehe..

    By Blogger hana_kirana, at 7:58 PM  
  • Sir,
    your stories from Mecca have been delightful. The last time i was there for umrah was when i was 13. I am now 23 which means that it's been a decade since my first and last visit to the Holy Land. Insyallah I will have the chance to be there again.
    Anyway. This Raya I was introduced to my boyfriend's parents for the first time after dating him for a year. These days, people would say that that is a pretty long time to wait. They had just come back from Mecca themselves and so you can guess that i was very excited to taste their dates and zam zam. Sure enough, they served me a glass of zam zam from a wine glass. Kekeke! It had been sitting there on the coffee table as we exchanged polite conversation. You can imagine the pressure i felt with all these questions...and that zam zam i dared not ask for. I had been eyeing on it intentively the whole while until some point when i was distracted by the jelly ice cream. Then, i made my move and bid our goodbyes. I waited upfront for my bf and he ran out with this glass of zam zam to me. Nah minum! His sister-in-law jokingly said...itu sebenarnya air senyonyong! Now that I mentioned it...I was wondering whether you could enlighten your readers on this other type of specialty water!!

    By Blogger Razif shHboy, at 8:34 PM  
  • What an enlightening article, even for those who knew the story behind the origins of the zam zam water.

    I have my own personal experience with the healing effects of air zam zam.

    I had a severe bout of food poisoning a while back. The doctors had injected me with painkillers but nothing numbed the pain. They had induced vomitting and made me drink liquids to dilute the toxin in my body but I couldn't even drink because I was so weak and in pain. They said my condition was severe and that I could die of the toxin and dehydration. I was really frightened to hear that. As they were contemplating the next course of treatment my father came with a bottle of zam zam water. He had gone home to retrieve it when he realised that nothing else seemed to work. I had felt extreme nausea and difficulty to get anything down my throat but I remember gulping down the water with ease. A while later I vomitted so much that I fainted in exhaustion soon after. When I woke up, I didn't even feel a trace of the awful pain I'd felt earlier, only weakness. That water is a miracle of Allah, and the experience only served to heighten my iman.

    ~ Kina

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:29 AM  
  • excellente! hmm, all the talk about water, thirsty la..i guess it's just going to be mineral water for now.


    By Blogger hyphenated L, at 3:15 AM  
  • I saw that slides of water molecules, amazing findings.

    A friend of mine suffered final stage of brain cancer, doctor gave her 6months to live. She went for Umrah, drank Zam-Zam water and even bathed with it. She survived for another six years.

    By Blogger Honeytar, at 2:49 PM  
  • Hazel:
    Alhamdullillah! Every muslim baby should be fed with air zam zam as the first meal whenever possible. Go easy on the gingerbread cookies.

    Kohor, kohor. You wil get the info by and by.

    Hana Kirana:
    Agakanya berdiri tu salah satu daripada etika minum air zam zam.

    InsyaAllah you will go again. Good luck with the future in-laws. I have no experince in other waters except "air batteri".

    Alhamdulillah! It is indeed a miracle. Allahu Akbar!

    Drink a lot of water in Dubai.

    The miracle of Allah! Allahu Akbar!

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 5:17 PM  
  • Sir,

    actually that was my comment up there (Razif). Apparently he didn't log off prior(and I failed to log on). I am indeed a girl. Ha ha! Sorry if I had given out the wrong (queer) impression!

    Hummm air bateri. I swallowed it in a large quantity once when i was a kid...

    By Blogger Sarah K., at 12:50 PM  
  • Pokku, a friend who had 3 prior difficult births, constantly drank air zamzam during her fourth pregnancy. The fourth birth came fast & easy. Could be kebetulan, could be the miracle of air zamzam, wallahu'alam.

    By Blogger Jie, at 1:45 PM  
  • nak air zamzam bagitahu eh...email

    -10 liter RM108.00
    -250ml RM4.00

    area Kota Bharu...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29 PM  
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